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Mining Automation & Hoisting – Products

Underground Communication

Today's underground mine requires a high speed, large bandwidth digital network to manage the volume of data generated. Insig Technologies is a leader in underground mining technology and will customise a solution for your mine.


These technology solutions require a reliable communications network to not only allow for a real-time flow of data but to support your digital growth into the future. Insig Technologies can design and implement a WiFi communications infrastructure/network to support your underground operation now and into the future and opening up a new world of untapped efficiencies and productivities.

Image by Joshua Sortino

Wireless Mesh / WiFi Systems

Insig Technologies offers wireless mesh networks that are simple to connect, instantaneous and fail-proof in any application, giving you a mesh network solution that evolves with your connectivity demands.


Insig Technologies offer fibre connectivity and product solutions specific to the requirements of our customer's operations. We can design, supply and install optical fibre networks to allow high speed, large bandwidth digital network to manage the volume of data generated with new technology introduced to your mine.


Digital Drift

Insig Technologies provide power distribution and high-speed network connectivity to devices in challenging industrial environments. We implement a high-speed fit for purpose Digital Drift System that is an access layer network for challenging underground operations which; 

  • Uses a single coaxial cable to carry both power and data;

  • Provides a simple to install and affordable extension of the data network into working areas;

  • Can be installed and repaired by tradespeople on-site, using simple tools in wet, dirty and dusty conditions;

  • Works with all industrial devices that support Ethernet; and

  • Delivers the performance of fibre with the simplicity of coax.

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