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The Digital Mine, known as Genesis, facilitates the orderly collection of the data streaming in from the connected assets and disparate systems in your mine making it simple to operate, analyse, report, and predict off your data. Once integrated, users are able to see a complete view of the mine and make informed decisions on the information the system and its connected products provide.

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Infrastructure Communication

The realisation of a fully digital mine begins at the ground level. We are able to plan and execute the necessary upgrades to site infrastructure if it’s required. This may include server hardware, fibre infrastructure, WiFi mesh, smart sensors, and other networking solutions. We are experts in gaining communications in environments and scenarios where solid comms cannot be taken for granted.

Fixed Asset Control and Monitor

The Fixed Assets Control & Monitor package is an IoT enabled solution that enables the management, control and monitoring of assets remotely.  The solution gathers and compares asset feed-in data against stored threshold parameters and KPI`s to identify anomalies and reduce the risk of potential breakdowns. Through the Genesis common platform services, stored asset data can be used to automatically generate work orders, and input to the preventative maintenance program.

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Mobile Assets

We work with global partners and local experts to provide solutions that facilitate the collection of data from mobile assets in the form of off the shelf and completely custom data collection devices. Our specialists are also able to leverage the latest in remote control and AI technology to increase the IQ of your machines enabling smart decision making and automation. The newest technologies in this space save time and create a safer working environment for everyone on site.


Enterprise Asset Management System

Enterprise Assets Management (EAM) forms the core process of managing assets throughout the entire life cycle from procurement through to execution, maintenance, retirement and replacement. By utilising EAM, an organisation can maximise the lifetime of its assets, reduce ongoing costs and improve on their production efficiency. EAM will typically consist of the following products: Computerised Maintenance Management System, Reliability Centered Maintenance & Condition Monitoring.​

Condition Monitoring

The Condition Monitoring product is used to monitor mobile fleet telemetry and operational parameters over time to identify cases where an asset is not operating within the OEM (or customer`s)  expected threshold value ranges. Alerting then helps to identify potential failures before they occur, enabling asset owners to pro-actively plan maintenance activities.

Computerised Maintenance Management System

Our Computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) is a solution for maintaining a centralised data store of an organisation`s maintenance operations.  The CMMS is also responsible for managing and tracking  day-to-day maintenance including work requests, breakdowns, scheduling of preventative maintenance. The CMMS also provides a centralised data store of an organisations maintenance operations supporting Asset reliability analysis and reporting. Historical data can also be referenced to verify regulatory compliance.

Reliability Centered Maintenance

The Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) product supports the process of comparing the total business benefit (risk & loss) against ongoing maintenance expenditures across assets. The result is the identification of the optimal maintenance strategy for each asset class. Ongoing reporting is utilised to validate the effectiveness of the assigned maintenance strategy.

Operational Awareness

The Operation Awareness package enables real-time tracking of assets and people spatially within the mining operation for the purpose of managing safety and improving the utilisation of assets. The system provides the business with reporting on the competency matrix for mobilisation to site, electronic tagging of resources, geofencing and man-down functionality to manage safety across the project and site.


Production Control System

The Production Control System will provide planning and operational data and reporting, from the annual production budget through to the weekly, daily and shift actuals collected through a tablet based PLOD application that provides the Shift Manager and other key stakeholders with near real time reporting. This provides the project and business with improved visibility of the project metrics including material movements, cycle time, delays and intelligent forecasting.


Short Term Interval Control

Our Short term Interval Control (SIC) product provides a structured execution package that reviews actual performance (near real-time) against planned operational activities during each shift. Any deviations that are identified will be escalated to the control room, allowing the operator to manage resources around priority workloads and minimise downtime and operational losses. In effect, the SIC solution enables a closed-loop between planning and task execution, thereby maximising asset utilisation and optimisation.

Personnel and Competency Management

The Personnel and Competency Management product supplies organisations with a managed matrix to maintain required competencies across job roles. Resources are mapped to roles and continuously validated ensuring compliance.  A resource focused portal also enables workers to identify gaps in their current competencies for future roles as part of their personnel development activities, with integration to the organisations Learning Management System for the automation of required course identification and scheduling. Learning can be conducted autonomously in the LMS or in the LMS virtual classroom with students and instructors utilising VR technology to connect from anywhere in the world on any equipment which can be virtualised into the classroom.

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Quality Management

The Quality Management system provides the business with an online portal to manage the project risks, process documentation and checklists, self assessments and safe work procedures to ensure compliance and site safety. The system provides a mobile application to perform work place and equipment inspections with reporting analytics for improved decision make and quality management.

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