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No matter what stage you're at, we can help with your IoT Journey. Small or large organization, we have the skills and the capabilities to assist from Business case to Implementation, and support.

Consulting & Advisory

With our proven experience in both IT and OT, InSig Technologies is well placed to provide specialist IT and IoT consulting and advisory services. We can assist your business with your IoT journey by using our end-to-end “Strategy to Reality” approach. We do this by focussing on your IOT & Business Strategy, Business Case Definition and Delivery services.

Management Consulting

Architecture Services

Design Services

Management Consulting

Below are just some of the questions we can provide companies with assistance:

  • Do you have a business strategy and are they aligned to business goals?

  • Do have a business case for your Internet of Things?

  • What does your Return On Investment (ROI) look like?

  • Are the Benefits being realised aligned to your organisational goals?

  • Where is organisational Maturity and Capability in relation to Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 ?

  • Do you have skills and capability to capitalise on opportunities identified in the disruptive technologies?

Our team of experienced management consultants are ready to assist. Our methodology is and has always been to provide a "Strategy to Reality" pragmatic approach, on delivering value to our customers, by using tried and industry best practises.


Our people have not only lived in the management world, but have significant experience in dealing with day to day operational difficulties that exist within any organisation. We know what works and what doesn't, with the help of your corporate executives we are sure that any IoT initiative will be success.

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Architecture Services

We can provide assistance with projects that range from defining conceptual architectures to Roadmaps, and solution architectures required for specific projects.

IoT World Forum Reference Model showing the levels of the IoT Process

Our Architectural Capabilities supports .

Concepts and Design


IoT Quality Assurance

Assessments and Audits

Design Services

InSig Technologies has experience with design and installation M2M architectures, Communication gateways and installation of sensors, with built in IoT capability, whether via GSM, WiFi, Ethernet or an RF access point.


We have the expertise and capability to design, install and maintain a full suite of IoT/M2M devices, from sensor to access points, server software, mobile and desktop applications.


Our Design Capabilities supports .

Specification & Design of M2M Architectures

Selection & Integration of wireless connectivity technologies

Device provisioning, Data Management and infrastructure services

Design and Installation of Radio Frequency networks


Low Power radio Communications, multiple devices can communicate between each other using Mesh Networks

Integration with standard 2.4 and 5Ghz WiFi networks.

Network Gateways which use multiple communications options and protocols

Wireless Sensors 


Concepts and Design

Big Data and IoT Analytics

To generate a competitive advantage in today’s fast paced business environment, organizations need to derive insight, internally and externally to compete and grow.  Given the ever-increasing amounts of data, it is increasing reliant on technologies such as Data Analytics and Machine Learning. We understand that information, insights and foresights impact every aspect of business.


InSig Technologies and our Industry Leading Partners are able to assist you with Data Analytic toolsets which enable complex analytical capabilities for those who are not data experts enabling enterprises to get up and running quickly - at the edge, on premise, or in the cloud.


Traditional Warehouse


Operational Intelligence

Data Storage

Data Analysis Platforms

Stream Analytics




Our Capabilities supports deep, real-time insights, predictions, and recommendations derived from data, which enhances operational planning and decision-making.

IoT Data Platforms

Edge Analytics

Machine Learning

Operational Intelligence

Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics

Visualisation Analytics

IoT Platform Services

The IoT Platform connects sensory information to middleware software enabling users to visualise, monitor, optimise and automate business processes in support of improving business efficiencies. The IoT Platform components include modules with over 150 industry protocols, connecting industrial machines, sensors and other software systems to enable Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented reality visualisation.


With rapid development technologies built into the IoT platform, InSig Technologies are able to leverage these solutions to aggregate, analyse and visualise (Analytical Dashboards, Monitoring or Control interfaces, 3D Virtualised Applications) data sets and/or provide applications. This assists businesses with cost optimisation, increased business insight; creating competitive advantages, strategies or business models.


Our Capabilities supports end to end services, from inception to testing and implementation. 

IoT Platform Assessment

Data ingestion

Design & Implementation

Innovative IoT Solutions

Product Selection & Assessment

Programme and Project Management Services

When it comes to leading and successfully managing programmes and projects,  delivering measurable and sustainable business benefits to our customers is what matters most to us, and our approach and methodologies are focused and developed to support this.


Your programmes and projects are more than just a set of deliverables and milestones. For us, it’s the most important programme or project we’ve worked on. When we assist you with a program or project, we deliver positive, sustainable business benefits while ensuring the project team, your business stakeholders, and business end users are part of the journey towards success.


This is an important and valuable point of difference in our Program and Project Management services. It means we look at the big picture, apply an end to end focus while working closely with you on business case definition; across project definition and impact, initiation and execution; business change management to benefits realization. We ensure the impact on people process and technology is managed and we also focus on ensuring the project team learn, enjoy the project and celebrate successes.


With our proven end to end Programme and Project management experience, our PMI (Project Management International) and Prince 2 certifications we able to apply our agile and flexible project management methodologies to your projects and we understand you may have existing methodologies we need to adhere to and or tail our processes to ensure successful project execution and reporting, delivery within budget, great team morale and exceeding of your expectations.



Our Capabilities supports end to end services, from inception to testing and implementation. 

Consulting and Advisory

Business Case

Programme and Project Delivery

Change Management

Programme and Project Initiation

Benefits Realisation

IT Service Management

When it comes to IT Service Management we apply a strategic approach for designing, delivering, managing and improving the way information technology (IT) is used within your organisation. Our goal of every IT Service Management framework we implement is to ensure that the processes are fit for purpose, people and technology are in place  to ensure minimal disruption to the business, ensuring your organisation can meet its business goals.

We are ITIL certified (ITIL V3 Expert) and we embed ITIL frameworks in our project Management disciplines to ensure projects are successfully transitioned to production environments, allowing for on going enhancements, maintenance and support.

We are experienced in the Design and Implementation of Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operations, Continual Service Improvements processes and procedures.


Our Capabilities supports end to end services, from inception to testing and implementation. 

Consulting and Advisory

Service Strategy

Service Design

Service Transition

Service Operations

Continual Service Improvement


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