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The Rockstar Rockstarter

If you work in the mining industry and have a passion for improving safety and stream lining processes via new technology, then the Ampcontrol’s new electrical starter may be of interest to you.

Insig technologies have partnered with Ampcontrol to become the Western Australian distributor for Ampcontrol products providing sales, product support and exposure into the underground environment for a well-designed electrical starter which is also suitable for all industrial applications, named the Rockstarter.

Every operation is important, and every operation is interested in lifting the bar, improving your site’s safety, looking for ways to save a dollar and exploring the benefits of cool technology then the Rockstarter is the next big thing to hit our industry.

Through customised engineering, outside the box design thinking, and building a versatile, multi-functional and reliable electronically controlled starter Ampcontrol’s Rockstarter leads the way for next generation thinking, resulting in numerous benefits for example:

  • Starts anything, from fans to Jumbo drill rigs and pumps.

  • Reusable in a wide range of applications.

  • Scalable to your specific operations and needed connections.

  • Innovative features as it is fully AS/NZE 4871, AS/NZS 3000, and AS/ZNS 2081 complainant and more!

  • Programable to your desires.

  • User friendly so everyone can use it quickly and efficiently.

Detection, within the Rockstarter detection modules protect both the user and the system. Just by plugging in and connecting to the Rockstarter you can see what is safe or hazardous. When a cable has been connected, the Rockstarter runs through a safety program testing the cable to your connected asset. If something is wrong or there is an issue the Rockstarter will let you know before it supplies any power to the cable. This process not only helps with risk management and your employee’s safety, but also with cost, as it prevents an unexpected damage event which in turn saves equipment downtime and costs associated with repairing damaged components.

Within the Rockstarter there is a smart panel. This smart panel uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect from the devices below ground to the tablet or computer. From this smart panel or the connected tablet, you can run diagnostics from data collected from recent history.

If at any point in time your Rockstarter has stopped working or has malfunctioned there is a local distributor available for 24hr product support.


Of course, you are! Please contact our team at the following email address to learn more about how this product can drive your business to the next level.

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