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Mining Automation & Hoisting – Products

Mine Management Systems


Insig Technologies allows you to operate at the highest level of efficiency by tracking and monitoring production and safety in your mine with its Mine Management systems.


Asset Management

Increase productivity and reduce operational costs at your operation with InSig Technologies advanced Asset Management System. Real-time monitoring and analytics of machine health combined with machine learning equip you with detailed insights for predictive maintenance, improving machine availability, reducing ongoing maintenance costs, and identifying failure points.


Benefits include,

  • Real-time visibility;

  • A holistic view of asset health;

  • Improve asset efficiency;

  • Reduce costs; and

  • Avoid downtime caused by machine failure.

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Short Term Interval Control

Insig Technologies can provide a Mine Management system that enables people to control data generated and allow greater ownership and uptake of their systems. It will allow mine control operators to validate information quickly, and spend less time on the radio.


We offer a fleet management and mine control solution that records, manages and processes mine site data in real-time. As a scalable solution, it is suitable for underground and surface mine construction, development and production.


By collecting the machines' data, we can determine when the operator will complete the task and then where to send them next, increasing productivity and giving you less idle time.

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Personnel and Equipment Tracking

Designed to improve productivity and safety in mining operations, Personnel and Equipment Tracking offer a sophisticated and reliable solution to collisions by monitoring the location in real-time, giving you the ability to make the right decision in an emergency.

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Collision Detection

Avoiding collisions is one of the fastest-growing solutions in demand for mining operations. Safety and productivity are always at the forefront of management when implementing a new system.


With custom Software, Insig Technologies can offer you the ability to determine the location of equipment, vehicles and personnel throughout the mine site, with the RFID tags worn by workers and installed on mobile equipment on the surface and underground.


The stationary and portable tag readers are available for transmitting data over either the leaky feeder communication of or over existing Infrastructure without the need to install a new backbone. There is also a wireless version of the Tracking system approved for hazardous atmospheres when operating on a back-up battery. Insig Technologies Tracking System can be used with an Emergency Preparedness System, Automatic Personnel Registration, or Access Control System.

Our focus is to bring you the best in complete control system solutions for your mine.

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