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Paul Barisich
Managing Director

Paul Barisich has over 30 years’ experience, ranging from development, architecture, strategy and planning to management. Paul has held technical roles in Australia and overseas, and specialises in innovation and “out of the box” thinking.


Paul is passionate about what he does, and this leads to him understanding all facets of the business from dealing with complex technical challenges to management, and external relationships with customers, vendors and our professional network. Paul’s experience ranges from Mining, Oil & Gas, Defence, Transport and Government.


Paul was one of the co-founders of Insig Technologies and today holds the role of Managing Director.

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Neal Colley
Chief Operating Officer

Neal Colley is an accomplished, proven & versatile business leader having helped multiple businesses deliver superior value returns. Neal has extensive experience in implementing disruptive technologies into value chains, creating effective business models, driving capital & labour productivity and enabling the creation of foundations for long term competitiveness.

Neal maintains a proven track record of success in the most challenging, technically complex, dynamic, cross-functional & unionised environments. He is experienced in guiding businesses to growth, IPO, sale & divergence.


With two prior external interim CEO appointments & four Board membership appointments (one not-for-profit),  deep rooted cost diligence and skill at driving efficiency improvements,  Neal provides operational leadership to the Insig Technologies business.

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Giacomo Alampi-Sottini
Chief Technology Officer

Giacomo Alampi-Sottini has over 15 years of industry experience in demonstrating how organisations can benefit from IoT and Industry 4.0.


Giacomo has architected, designed and delivered successful outcomes for companies such as BHP, Roy Hill and Bankwest where he has managed and delivered automation, systems integration and production data collection solutions that sit squarely in the intersection of operational technology and traditional IT.


In his role as the CTO at Insig Technologies, Giacomo is working with the Insig Technologies IT & OT teams to build a suite of IIOT & i4.0 products/solutions that leverage innovative new technologies and allow mining companies improve their operations.

Giacomo is also a Director

of the Cancer Council of Western Australia where he provides strategic vision, objectives and solid technical advice in the use of technology for cancer prevention research. 

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Peter Ellery
Growth Executive

Peter Ellery is a Business Executive who has over 25 years experience spanning Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities, “.com”, Company Directorships and IT Services.


Peter’s skills comprise high-level business and financial acumen combined with the skills and energy to drive outcome-driven sales results. He leads, owns and manages all matters relating to the Growth Strategy at Insig Technologies.

Peter's career was founded at Western Power for a period of 11 years and has since constituted working for two “.com start-ups”, owning an IT consulting company, representing 3 global IT software & services companies and Director/Chairman of Swan Christian Education Association.


Most recently, Peter worked as the Industry 4.0 Sales and Software Executive for Rockwell Automation, a global industrial controls & software organisation.

John Winyard
Commercial Manager
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John Winyard is an accomplished delivery and operations executive with over thirty years of experience in Senior Management and Technology roles in Australia and overseas, and specialises in leading the delivery of complex technical solutions and business outcomes. 

John is a highly motivated manager possessing a wide range of experience in all facets of management; particularly managing large complex multi-discipline portfolio/program/project teams internationally, working in Mining, Oil & Gas, Defence, Transport and Government.


John has held many senior management roles including Vice President Automated Fare Collection Systems (North America), Projects Director (North America), General Manager (Southern Africa) and Consulting Principal at a Tier 2 Consulting Firm, prior to joining Insig Technologies as the Chief Operating Officer.

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