Vineyard Information Management

eVineyard is like your electronic diary of vineyard management work, with a ton of other functionalities. Simply enter your activities in eVineyard once through a web or mobile application, you get multiple insights and outputs that can save you plenty of time and money.

Cost Control

eVineyard helps you to be in control of your costs, and rise profitability of your vineyard management operations. By entering your activities and purchases in eVineyard, you are building your own cost profile of your vineyard management operations without any additional work. With the help of costing module of eVineyard, you can keep track of your production costs, find bottlenecks and space for optimizations, and rise profitability of your vineyard.


With eVineyard, you can make sure that you stay compliant with all of the local and national regulations and laws, as well as to have properly filled out records required by your certification agency. Simply enter the activities on your smartphone while you are performing them.

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in eVineyard, you can print the paperwork in the format you require - be it a national or international one, we very likely have you covered. If you want to make sure, just ask us.

No more losing records, and no more headaches with the paperwork. Every record you make will help you become a better winegrower in the future, and at the same time fulfill the paperwork.


If you are managing multiple vineyards, blocks and plots, the mapping module can help you revise and plan your work visually over the parcels.

Whats is even more, for bigger wineries, in combination with GPS tracking of tractors, you may use mapping module to extract information about the activities which were done on the field.

Because eVineyard is the single software product you need for all your vineyard management information needs, it logically

supports also importation and display of vigor and growth maps which you many use for precision vineyward management. Perfect for organization improvement in large wineries, as well as crucial for precision vineyard management practices, mapping functionality is one of the functionalities that require no additional work for vineyard managers and workers, but offer a great deal of valuable information.

Work Organisation

Estimate work times, organize your tractorists and workers, and manage your field work in a distributed way. This functionality is perfect for a bit larger vineward management companies with multiple people managing the vineyard - and is indeed scalable enough to encompass management of your seasonal workers as well.

Our customers used work organization features on as many as 160 seasonal workers in the vineyard across a number of smartphones and tablets.




eVineyard is a modern vineyard management software as a service (SaaS). For you, this means that you don't need to install, configure, and complicate.


To improve irrigation, or to manage pests in an integrated way, you need to get precise data from your vineyard: such as soil moisture at different depths, air temperature, humidity and leaf wetness. That's why eVineyard supports cost-effective, autonomous sensors, which are completely plug-and-play.


Integrated Pest Management

We know that you as the winegrowers know your vineyards the best. However, with the help of eVineyard and the cost effective sensors you may install in the vineyard, we help you understand your vineyard better - through providing you with relevant information such a microclimatic conditions and rainfall, as well as through the pest development indexes and advices, produced by some of the most advanced, time-tested algorithms for pesticide application time optimization.


With eVineyard you can spray smarter and save one or two pesticide sprayings per year, making your vineyards less expensive and more nature-friendly.

Avoid pest outbreaks,
and save when spraying.

With our industry-leading decision support models, you can reduce the amount of pesticide spraying by 30% and in certain cases even 50%, while at the same time helping you to stay safe from a disease outbreak.

Our industry-leading decision support models don't only incorporate data about the weather to tell you what is the level of the disease pressure. Instead, they incorporate literally all of the parameters that influence the development of the pathogen, and their level of preciseness increases over the time.

With the punctual micro-climate data, measured by an eVineyard sensor station in the vineyard, combined with the data from your vineyard management records, and with the data from your vineyard management records, and with the data about the vineyard characteristics, eVineyard's learning algorithms can predict disease pressure level for each vineyard zone with an unmatched preciseness.


The following integrated pest management models are available in eVineyard:


  • Downy mildew

  • Powdery mildew

  • Botrytis

  • Black rot

  • Anthracnose

  • Phomopsis

  • Fruit scale

  • Green leafhopper

Micro-location Climate
Sensors for the Vineyard

We offer cost-effective sensors which can be installed in the vineyard in order to obtain the most punctual data. Based on the data from the sensors, the decision support advice is very valuable due to high accuracy.

Different types of weather stations, with different options of connectivity, are supported. Measure parameters can include:


  • Air temperature

  • Air humidity

  • Air pressure

  • Leaf wetness (when leafs are wet)

  • Amount of rainfall

  • Wind speed and wind direction

  • Soil humidity at different depths


Improved Irrigation

Used by growers in dry areas such as California and the Canary Islands, eVineyard's irrigation models and decision support system use both climatic and soil moisture data to help you improve your irrigation practices - to save water and improve crop quality at the same time.

Reduce the amount of irrigation by 25% and beyond, by avoiding excessive irrigation. with the help of cost-effective soil moisture sensors by Libelium, connected with eVineyard, soil moisture at 4 depths can be measured.


With the help of those measures, eVineyard can precisely tell you when it's time to turn on or off the irrigation system, so you avoid the loss of water that you would 

encounter due to excessive irrigation.


The precise data may also allow you to practice regulated deficit irrigation, and to control the quality of your grapes.


Enterprise Vineyard Management

For large wineries and vineyard management companies we offer some of the most advanced tools on the market to manage and track work progress and the assets.


eVineyard base application is scalable by design and is used by wineries of different size: from the small, family-based wineries, to some of the largest wineries in certain countries, that manage multiple hundred hectares and acres of vineyard.

GPS Tracking of Assets

With GPS tracking of assets, such as tractors, data about activity progress can be directly saved in eVineyard database of activities, offloading the vineyard managers of manually recording all of the vineyard management events done, and semi-automatically building the cost records and paperwork about vineyard management. Because of the integration with the rest of the eVineyard functionality, GPS asset tracker in eVineyard is one of the most powerful GPS trackers on the market.

Harvest Tracking

With harvest tracking application, the performance of up to a few hundred seasonal workers can be tracked, and their payrolls calculated automatically, reducing the administration time during the harvesting by 80%. The performance tracking can be done in a distributed manner, therefore different workers (such as tractorists, vineyard

management supervisors, etc.) can have different functions, depending on the organization structure which works for a particular company. Ask us about how harvest tracking can help your organization we will be happy to help.


eVineyard won SAP HCP Challenge for CEE region in 2016 as the most innovative start-up using SAP HANA platform on the challenge. Partnering with, and using the latest high technology from, the world's largest business software company SAP, allows us to say with confidence the eVineyard will always be able to provide you with the latest cutting-edge solutions for your challenges.

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