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Mining Automation & Hoisting – Services

Hoisting Solutions


The Insig Technologies Hoisting Services team provide mine Hoisting Electrical and Control System engineering. Safety by design is the core driver of every project. Our experienced Control Systems Engineers  have designed and maintained mine hoist solutions for shaft sinking and production hoists.


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Engineering Services

Insig Technologies can provide multidiscipline engineering and project management services to assist you with your project.

Our Mine Hoist Engineering team are experienced in providing; 

  • Functional Safety Engineering - All areas of the Functional Safety Lifecyle process for Mine-Hoists;  

  • Electrical Project Management Services; 

  • E&I Engineering and drafting services;  and

  • Control System Software Design and programming.


Control Systems Upgrades

Insig Technologies offer interactive solutions to improve machine performance. ​We can construct, design and implement a system that has a desirable response to standard in; 

  • Shaft Communications Infrastructure;

  • Conveyance safety monitoring and communications systems;

  • Braking Control Systems; and

  • Overcoiling Protection.

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Hoist Maintenance and Repairs

The Insig Technologies Field Service Electrical team can provide comprehensive electrical maintenance and troubleshooting services.

Our technicians are experienced in the maintenance of:

  • Shaft Sinking Winders (Stage/Kibble); 

  • Single Drum Winders; 

  • Double Drum Winders ;

  • Koepe Winders ; and 

  • Raisebores and other vertical development equipment.

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