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Water is a vital resource for human consumption and for industrial processes. Monitoring aquatic environments play a critical role in preventing  negative effects on human health and on the environment.  Traditionally water quality parameter measurements relied on time consuming and human intensive field measurements.



Aquaculture Farms

Waterways and River Monitoring

Industrial and Envorinmental Monitoring

InSig Technologies is proud to introduce ThingFarm's Smart Water Products

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ThingFarm Smart Water (TSW) Platform gives you full control over monitoring the water resources. With ThingFarm Analytic Software you can measure and monitor water quality throughout all sensor data to external data and mash that data into one Dashboard. ThingFarm process, visualize analyse and forecast the outcome by using Machine Learning of ThingFarm Analytics.

ThingFarm Smart Water solutions help in overcoming these problems by providing precise values of water quality parameters in real time. Monitoring can be done remotely from anywhere through our Platform.

The Smart Water Platform includes real time monitoring and control systems and is an scalable platform that enables integration of all kind of external data and any system.  Rules, notifications, reporting's and alarms will optimize the monitoring operations. The solution is built to utilize trend analytics and predictive analytic`s from Thingfarm Analytic`s  and is built on scientific logic that make the software powerful with accurate data. 

The solutions utilize data from different sources and can be integrated to other systems as ThingFarm Smart Air, where the Air data is related to the location of the water data. This creates more accurate data that provides accurate decision by processing data in Machine Learning.

Smart Water Solution - Key Features
Know costs, plan smarter

Possible the most versatile vineyard management software on the market, eVineyard greatly simplifies your vineyard management work. 

Irrigate for quality

Precisely irrigate to grow desired quality grapes. Save water by avoiding water runoff.

Treat with Confidence

Avoid the outbreaks of downy and powdery mildews, botrytis, and other pests. Treat and spray less.

Reduce Administration

Cut administration by up to 80%. Have your worklog done automatically, manage your workforce and track performance easily.

Understand better

From family-base vineyards to biggest companies, wineries of all sizes use eVineyard to better understand their vineyards.

Simple, intuitive and secure

eVineyard is developed by listening to hundreds of growers to be simple, secure and private.

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