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Insig Technologies is a small but dynamic technology company which prides itself on consulting with their clients to produce customised, fit for purpose IT/OT solutions. Our two divisions focus on providing our mining clients a one stop shop for all their needs. Our mining automation and hoisting service teams can deal with:


  • HV Electrical and Operational Mining – Insig’s team of highly experienced miners can provide guidance in both underground electrical design and implementation, as well as providing thought leadership on mine operations and how mining operations can take full advantage of technology innovation.

  • Communications and IT Infrastructure – Insig can assist with all facets of establishing a communications network, from design to installation (above and below ground) to configuration, management and maintenance the ICT switches and routers.

  • Automation and Autonomous Operations – Ensuring correct implementation of any autonomous system is only a small part of successfully exploiting the benefits from automation. Insig Technologies can expand on this by providing the following services:

  • Design and implementation of remote-control systems, working with major OEM’s to provide a smooth, well designed and fully integrated solution;

  • Ensuring benefits are realised from using automation, requires a solid focus on change management and ensuring the technology is accepted.  Insig Technologies can provide highly specialised services to support operations and gaining the maximum return on investment by ensuring that the technology is fully utilised and operations knows how to make best use of the systems in their day to day activities;

  • Insig Technologies can also provide personnel to support the technology, this comes in the form of highly skilled remote technology specialists, who have expertise in:

    • Fixing base loader/drill issues from diagnosing intermittent electrical faults to replacing remote components;

    • Diagnosing remote technology faults on the loader/drill to upgrading or re-flashing software components in the control centre;

    • Diagnosing and repairing communications and network faults; and

    • Providing thought leadership on how best to utilise the remote technology with operational staff such as Loader/Drill operators, shift bosses and foremen.

  • Control Systems, System Integration – Insig provides services specifically focused on supplying customers with tailored made solutions which are unique to the client’s challenges and approach.  Insig Technologies can develop systems and solutions which integrate multiple OEM systems or provide the client with a one stop shop for bespoke systems.  Domains where Insig can add value include:

  • Trusted advisor – holding vendors and OEM’s accountable.  Ensuring that what is promised can be delivered according to the schedule and budget;

  • Provide customised integration points between vendors, and OEM’s systems/solutions; and

  • Provide customised solutions that span across systems and up/down the value chain, providing transparency across the entire mining operation.

Our other division, mining technologies teams focuses on the following:


  • Artificial Intelligence;

  • Augmented Reality;

  • Internet of Things (IoT);

  • Sensors;

  • Big Data; and

  • Data Analytics. 


Uniquely, our range of diverse skills coupled with real-life mining experience allows us to offer end-to-end solutions, from development, implementation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance support for the complete system.  Our enhanced technology offerings provide the capability to analyse operational data and utilise artificial intelligence technology to provide valuable insights and optimise opportunities.

Our business is built on our vision to provide agnostic solutions to the mining industry that improve both health and safety as well as operational efficiencies.    


Unit 7, 140 Abernethy Road, Belmont, Perth WA 6104


Image by Patrick Hendry