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Mining Technologies – Services

AI Data Analytics


No one likes to make an ill-informed decision. Insig Technologies specialises in taking large amounts of data and information from everywhere and turning them into useful nuggets that can save costs and time.

Data Analytics


The journey to gaining usable and informative insights from collected data can be a daunting and almost impossible task for many organisations - the result, however, can mean millions in savings for your bottom line. Allow us to guide you from humble beginnings in data collection, to a suite of valuable reports and insights.

Digital Desk
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Al Data Applications

By leveraging your collected data Insig can train intelligent machines to look for patterns and information in an otherwise indecipherable torrent of values. Do not wait to conduct retrospectives and post incident investigations - see the issues before they happen saving money and lives.

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Research and Development


InSig is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to explore new possibilities and solve difficult problems, attempting and persevering where others will not. We have the agility and know-how to quickly reach conclusions and pave the way for interesting and new solutions.

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