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About us


Founded in Western Australia in 2017, Insig Technologies Pty Ltd has grown from a small technology company into a thriving mining technology solutions provider focused on delivering fit for purpose mining products and services, customised for our clients needs.

From a humble beginning of two partners having a vision to connect the physical world with the digital world more seamlessly, our focus initially started in the more greener sectors such as smarter cities, smarter water management and smart agricultural usage.

Our innovative approach and smarter use of leading edge technology quickly attracted the attention of the mining sector and in particular underground mining.

Our forward thinking, and RUC Cementations vision, allowed Insig Technologies to develop some innovative products, which also resulted in RUC Cementation becoming a substantial investor, enabling Insig Technologies to provide advanced services and products to the underground mining contractor.

Move forward 2 years and we are finalising a merger with Murray & Roberts which will provide Insig Technologies with a global presence in the underground mining space, as well as allowing Insig Technologies to establish an Electrical and Control systems capability specifically for Shaft Sinking and Hoisting services to the mining industry.

Insig Technologies now has a global presence in sensor, software, and autonomous solutions. We are using equipment and personnel tracking to dramatically improve efficiency, productivity, and quality across the entire value chain for the resources and mining sector.

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Our Mission


"A Mining Technology provider dedicated to providing our partners with advanced technology to improve safety, unlock higher efficiencies, lower operating costs and reducing the carbon footprint"

Our Values


We believe Trust and Respect are the foundations for all relationships

We believe to be successful, Co-operation is key

We always act with Integrity

We are Innovative in all our actions

We are Passionate about what we do

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